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Ank in Motion

Ank in Motion

In collaboration with DHNN, we worked on a key feature video to translate the complex world of finances into a minimal world, which guides the user through an intelligent and intuitive experience just by looking.

The challenge →

Motion The animation explains the benefits of using Ank in each scene: bank accounts come together, difficulties disappear and time smiles at us 365 days a year. The video's dynamics take users to the rhythm of this app, which is agile, fresh, modern and efficient.

The process Ank


Create an unique style & value proposition that will distinguish Ank in the market.

Ank Background

To highlight Ank's attributes, we used visual metaphors as allies of playful storytelling: pigs that represent money; the magnet that unifies all user’s accounts in one app, a plane communicates the agility of the transfers, and the clock marks time saving. With these resources, associating the concepts is much easier for users.

Element Ank in Motion
Element Ank in Motion
Element Ank in Motion
Element Ank in Motion
Element Ank in Motion
Element Ank in Motion
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Client: DHNN / Ank General Direction: DHNN 3D Motion Graphics: Tercer Espacio Creative & Art Direction: DHNN 3D Modeling & Animation: Tercer Espacio